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Lamp Anti-aging Test Chamber

Lamp Anti-aging Test Chamber

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 A sample tester manufacture in accordance with ASTMD1148, its function is to simulate the sun's ultraviolet radiation and heat. The tester is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and temperature, after a period of time, observe the degree of anti-yellowing of the sample, with the contaminated gray mark for reference, to determine the degree of yellowing.

 The machine is used to test the degree of cold resistance for the finished shoes, rubber, plastic, soles, synthetic leather and other materials to understand the material or finished product to adapt to low temperature climate or cold areas, the machine are made of stainless steel and can be installed with a variety of fixture to apply different requirements.
Test steps
 Turn on the power and set the run time.
Put the test sample into the box tray, positive face up, placed flat, no curl
Press the start button, start the yellowing-test, after the experiment is completed, the alarm alarmed.
After the experiment is completed, remove the sample, wait the sample to be cooled, then put into the standard light box, using D65 light source, observe changes between the sample and untested sample, using GB/T250 color card to rating.
According to the results can be divided into 24/48/96 hours or other specified time, after complete, compare the degree of yellowing; good using contaminated gray scale against yellowing color difference with 1-5 level to determine.
Technical parameters

Items Parameters
Inner box size 55 * 50 * 60
Time memory 0-9999 minutes, electronic display
UV light source lamp tube type 15W, UV lamp 2, UVA340
Standard spare parts diameter 45cm, a round turntable
Rotation speed 10 ± 2 revolutions per minute
Machine size 114 * 94 * 130cm
Manufacturing material SUS # 304 stainless steel
Power supply AC-220V 50HZ

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