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Textile Fabrics Friction Color Fastness Testing Machine

Textile Fabrics Friction Color Fastness Testing Machine

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Textile Fabrics Friction Color Fastness Testing Machine is in accordance with Type II rubbing tester (GAKUSIN TYPE) regulated in JIS L0849 by JIS TEXTILES-TESTS FOR COLOR FASTNESS. It applies to determine the color resistance of dyed or printed textiles to rubbing thus can provide evidence for textile products R&D and acceptance. It is reported that this tester is stricter than the ordinary horizontal reciprocation rubbing color fastness tester whose evaluating results are worse with the same specimen tests. Textiles exported to Japan should present test results by this device. 50mm rub heads and assistant weights are equipped for cardboard rubbing resistance tests.

Applicable Standards:

JIS L0849, JIS L1084, JIS L0862, JIS P8136, JIS L1084

Core advantages:

1. By changing optional accessories, it is versatile to a variety of specimens tests such as flocking resistance test for flocking, color fastness for artificial leather, rubbing resistance for cardboard, printing ink and coating, etc.; horizontal reciprocation rubbing color fastness test can be carried out by changing test bed.

2. Test circles can be set (electronic), automatic counting; start buzzer after counting finishing.


Model  :238D

Stations :6

Rub heads:Curved surface R45mm, width 20mm

Rub heads load:2N

Rub area length:100mm

Reciprocal speed:30rpm

Composite weight:300g,500g,800g

Rub cloth fixing method:Spring clip

Counter: 220V, 50Hz


Base unit

G238D      JIS rubbing color fastness tester

23803      Abradent fabric*1 box, 1000 pieces/box

Optional parts:

238D1:   Planar rub heads

238D2:  Planar test bed

238D3   R50mm rub test (JIS P8136)

238D4   R1.5mm rub test(JIS P8136-flocking strength)

SZ320    #320abrasive paper

ZS         Grey scale (staining)-ISO/BS standard

23807   Grey scale (staining)-AATCC standard

Detail Images:

Color Fastness Testing Machine part (2).jpg

Packaging adn shipping:

1,packing: Packed by solid wooden case;

2,Shipping: Shipping by sea or by air,as you requested.

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