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Colour Matching Cabinet

Colour Matching Cabinet

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Color matching cabinets (light box color assessment cabinet) are a universally preferred choice for faster, closer, and accurate color matching. This testing instrument is highly recommended for yarn, plant, garment manufacturers, fabric dyeing manufacturers, and exporters.

The color matching cabinet is one of the most effective testing equipment that will help you to assess the colors of products in different lights. Thus with the help of this testing instrument, you will be able to assess a variety of colors under different light sources. This highly accurate testing tool has been made up by keeping all the industrial standards in mind.

We all know that colors will look different in different lighting conditions. When you make use of a color matching cabinet, then you can easily detect the change in the color consistency of the product. Thus, this testing instrument works best for matching colors under a light source with spectral power distribution.

Technical specifications:

D – 65: Artificial light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 6500 °K

TL – 84: Fluorescent Light- Pont of Sale Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 4000 °K

Tungsten Filament: Incandescent Light of 60 W bulb and color temperature of 2300°K-2800° K

CWF: Cool White Fluorescent Office Lighting with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 4100 °K

UV: Ultra Violet Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W is also available.

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It allows the user to evaluate Color Samples under different Light Sources:

Artificial Daylight (D-65)

Cool White Light (CWF)

Tungsten Filament Light (Domestic Light Matching)

Ultra Violet Black Light (White & Fluorescent Dyes)

TL-84 Light -Troposphere fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)

Those who are working in the textile industry, bottle manufacturing industry, or any other related industries, should make the use of this testing instrument for determining color consistency and quality in their products. You can easily perform a visual evaluation of color differences under standardized and controlled lighting conditions with the help of this testing instrument. This testing instrument will make sure that your product will look uniform under different lighting conditions. With its wide-area view, you will be able to get a clear display of results. It has individual touch feature buttons that will make it easy for the customers to use this product. The biggest advantage you will get with the use of this testing instrument is that you will get accurate testing results every time you test the specimen.

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