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Clothing Rating Observation Board Operation

  Clothing Rating Observation Board is used to evaluate the wrinkling,smoothness,and seam retention of clothing and other textile products after multiple washes......


Fabric Thickness Tester Operation

  Fabric Thickness Tester is used for measuring the thickness of various woven fabrics,knitted fabrics,non-woven fabrics,and geotextiles,and can also be used fo......


Vertical Combustion Tester Operation

  Vertical Combustion Tester is suitable for measuring the flame retardancy,flame retardancy,and carbonization tendency of medical clothing,clothing fabrics,dec......


Ozone Color Fastness Tester Operation-Qinsun

  G280 Ozone Color Fastness Tester is used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber,thermoplastic rubber,cable insulation sheaths,etc.Under static or dynam......


Wyzenbeek Wear Tester Operation-Qinsun

  G278 Wyzenbeek Wear Tester is suitable for testing the wear resistance of textiles used in automotive decoration and furniture,detecting the wear resistance o......


Dry Flotting Tester Operation-Qinsun

  G275 Dry Flotting Tester is used to test the shedding and shedding performance of medical clothing such as surgical gowns and clean clothing,as well as non-wo......


G245 Carpet Combustion Tester Operation

  G245 Carpet Combustion Tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company Shanghai Qianshi Precision Electromechanical Technolo......


G235 Martindale Wear Tester Operation

  G235 Martindale Wear Tester is used to test the wear resistance and pilling performance of various fabrics.Under a certain pressure,the sample and abrasive un......


G233A 45degree Combustion Tester Operation

  G233A 45degree Combustion Tester is mainly used to test the flame retardant performance of fabrics such as clothing textiles,toy fabrics,and soft furniture fa......