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Desktop xenon lamp aging tester use precautions

Desktop xenon lamp aging tester is one of the aging test equipment, which uses xenon lamp as the light source to simulate natural light under solar radiation, rain and other climatic factors to accelerate the aging test of materials and get the weathering results of materials. By replicating these c...


How to test high-performance wear-resistant fabrics?

In todays society, there are several different types of instruments for testing wear resistance. Over time, they have evolved to include different loading conditions and materials, in order to be more realistic and closer to the real situation. Their results are not mutually comparable, and differen...


Air-cooled arc light fastness tester for industry and use

Air-cooled arc light fastness tester is applicable to industries: plastic and plastic, paint and ink, rubber and leather, aerospace, electronics industry, automotive coating, household appliances, university research, physical chemistry, packaging and printing, large accessories, parts, pharmaceutic...


How to adjust the xenon lamp aging tester water level and light source

When the surface of the test cloth of the xenon lamp aging tester is not clean or hard, it is necessary to replace the test cloth. Test cloth about three months to replace, when the replacement should be clean cloth scrubbing temperature measurement body, replace the new test cloth hands should be c...


Where can I buy a Female Comfortable Thermal Manikin?

What is a Female Comfortable Thermal Manikin ? A thermal mannequin specially designed for womens clothing and environmental testing. Full-body female thermal models for enhanced clothing testing. If you are in the business of developing high-performance clothing or protective clothing for women; lab...


What is the xenon lamp weather test chamber

The xenon weather resistance test box is also known as the xenon lamp aging test box. According to the test standards and methods, it is divided into three types: air-cooled xenon lamp, water-cooled xenon lamp, and desktop xenon lamp. The difference lies in the temperature, humidity, accuracy, and t...


How does the light aging test chamber perform the test

What is a light aging tester: Light aging tester adopts fluorescent UV lamp as the light source and accelerates weathering test on materials by simulating UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of material weathering resistance. It can simulate the UV, rain, high t...


Interpretation of what is a Thermal Manikin Test?

What is the Thermal Manikin Test? The Thermal Manikin Test gives indispensable knowledge into how successfully a Primary FR piece of clothing or a blend of Primary FR and Secondary FR pieces of clothing will secure the wearer instantly fire situation. This is the main test in either the EN 14116 or ...


UV aging test chamber test method

Natural climate light aging test method is usually divided into two kinds, one is the simulation of ultraviolet light aging UV aging test chamber, the other is the simulation of full sunlight aging. Generally speaking, natural weathering test results are more realistic, less expensive and easy to op...


Xenon lamp climate test chamber for the industry

The xenon lamp weathering tester uses a xenon arc lamp to simulate the natural climate of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light to light aging of products, so as to quickly obtain the results of whether the product is resistant to light. It is mainly applied to automobile and motorcycle, con...


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