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Lab Mask Filtering Efficiency Comprehensive Performance Tester

Lab Mask Filtering Efficiency Comprehensive Performance Tester

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Lab Mask Filtering Efficiency Comprehensive Performance Tester is used for testing the filtration efficiency of particulate matter of melting and spraying cloth, daily protective masks and medical masks, as well as measuring the obstruction performance of ordinary fabrics and medical protective masks to the airflow with constant flow rate. It is applicable to medical device inspection center, safety protection inspection center, labor protection inspection center, drug inspection center, disease prevention and control center, textile inspection center, hospital, mask manufacturing enterprise, etc. Scope of application: glass fiber filter material, PP filter material, laminating.

The finished product is fixed on the fixture, and the test air volume corresponds to the required filtering speed. The aerosol generated by the aerosol generator is adjusted, and then the aerosol is neutralized by static electricity, and then uniformly mixed with the filtered test air, and then enters the test area to penetrate the filter material.

To determine the efficiency, a split air flow was drawn upstream and downstream of the mask. Using a photometer, measure the concentration of particles in the sample stream, pass the ratio of upstream and downstream, and then obtain the measured efficiency. In addition, it is necessary to measure the filter resistance during the test and adjust the control flow.

GB / T 32610-2016, GB 2626-2006, GB 19082-2009, GB 19083-2010, YY 0969-2013, YY 0469-201
Test efficiency range
Test area
According to customer's mask shape
Test pressure range
0-1000pa (± 1% FS)
Tested filter test flow
25-100L / min ± 2.5% (adjustable)
Test aerosol type
Photometer measure range
1ug / m3-100mg / m3 sensitivity: 1ug / m3
Imported air pump
Continuous working stability
Data memory capacity
1-1000 sets of measurement data can be output
Color 7 inch touch screen
Built-in thermal printer
power supply
AC 220V / 50Hz 1KW
Data export interface
Working condition
Use environment: 0-40 ℃
relative humidity 10-70%
Storage environment: 0 ℃ -45 ℃
Relative humidity 0-70%
1000X wide 760X high 1750 (mm)
Housing: painted steel,
test parts: SUS304 stainless steel

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