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Rubber Plastic Textile Tensile Strength Tester

Rubber Plastic Textile Tensile Strength Tester

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The Tensile Strength Tester also known as a materials testing machine , it is applicable to testing tensile stress, compressive stress, shearing force, peeling force, and elongation of materials, components, and finished product for metal, plastic, rubber, textile, synthetic chemicals, wire and cable, leather, ect.

This machine is a type of equipment used to test the tensile strength properties of materials such as rubber, plastics, and textiles. This device is designed to apply mechanical force on a sample material until it breaks or ruptures, measuring the amount of force applied during the process.

1. Tested sample: laminated materials, wood, leather, rubber & plastic, metal material, etc.
2. Different test with different grips: tensile, peel, tear, heat seal, adhesive, bend and open force.
3. Deformation under defined load: Test deformation under defined load of tested sample
4. Load under defined deformation: Test load under defined deformation of tested sample
5. Software can issue word/excel report with results for max. force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, etc.

Test Standard

GB/T 16491-2008、GB/T2282002、GB/T232、GB/T7314、TAPPI-T804、JIlS-Z0212ASTM-D642、QB/T1048、BS EN ISO 12048、GB/T4857.16、GB/T8167、GB/T8168



Main Unit Feature:

1.Adopt single column structure, lower for tensile, upper for compression, double space. The beam is stepless lifting, light but rigid.

2.Adopting ball screw drive, realize no clearance transmission,make sure the precision control of the test force and deformation speed.

3.The photoelectric encoder is the displacement sensor, with high resolution, strong anti-interference ability.

4.The shiel plate with limit mechanism used to control the beam moving range, in order to avoid sensor damaged due to the moving distance is too large.


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