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Ion Chromatograph

Ion Chromatograph

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Equipment:  Ion Chromatograph Instrument

Manufacturers  Brand: QINSUN

Item No.: GCI

Instrument introduction: 

Ion chromatograph equipment, 7-inch large screen data display, self-developed products, a number of inventions and utility model technologies, constant temperature of the conductivity cell, and column oven, and one-key start of the injection have become standard equipment of the instrument. Also it can be seamlessly connected with company's eluent generator and automatic sampler, it can expand the ampere detector to form a more powerful detection system.

Application standards:

GB 5749-2022, HJ 84-2016, GB/T 24876-2010, NY/T 2277-2012, GB/T 24800.13-2009, GB/T 37907-2019, DL/T 954-2005

Scope of use:

 Living water.

 Seawater, sewage, rainwater.

 Industrial water and oilfield water.

● Food safety. 

● Medicine analysis. 

● Electronic Businesses and Power Plants. 

● Public security, customs. 

Equipment testing functions:

ØSets to set and control the operating parameters of the instrument

ØReal-time collection of analytical data

ØAutomatic integration parameters

ØPersonalized editing of analysis reports

ØSystem suitability analysis

ØStatistical analysis of data results

Technical parameter:

ØModel Name: GCI


ØPump specification:

Flow rate   0.001-10.000 mL/min

Maximum error of flow rate   ≤0.1%

Flow precision   ≤0.1%

Pressure pulsation   ≤ system pressure 1.0%

Liquid leakage alarm    Online liquid leakage monitoring

Flow stability   ≤0.1%

Maximum withstand voltage   42Mpa

Seal Cleaning     Independent in-line seal cleaning chamber system

With overpressure automatic alarm and pump stop function


ØSuppressor technical parameters:

Interface    The same connection method as the imported instrument

Current range    0.1-300mA

Flow rate range    0.1-3.0mL/min

Dead volume     small, and the distance between the eluent inlets is less than 5cm

Inhibitory concentration range     1.0ml/min flow rate, 200mA current, can inhibit up to 100mM KOH

Gradient     for KOH systems, isocratic elution applications


ØConductivity cell technical parameters:

Two-electrode tubular conductivity cell     the same connection method as the imported instrument

Electrical detector resolution    <0.005nS/cm

Noise    0.002μS/cm

Detector maximum pressure    12Mpa

Detection range    0-45000μS/cm

Conductivity cell electrode material     passivated titanium alloy

Ion chromatograph equipment.jpg

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