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Australian cotton acreage plunges 83%

Australia's cotton acreage has plummeted by 83%, which means that Australian cotton farmers are producing a lot less cotton, which has had a huge impact on ......


How to perform Leather and Footwear Test?

Leather and footwear are essential items in everyday life, and testing their quality and functionality is an important means of ensuring consumer rights and pro......


10 Steps to Mastering Zipper Testing

Zipper is a small machine often used in our daily life and is widely used in garments, bags, shoes and other products. In the manufacturing process, zipper qual......


2023 Textile Testing Market Assessment

As a kind of human necessities, the quality and safety of textiles are directly related to people's health and quality of life. Therefore, the textile testi......


Do you know how to do zipper testing?

Zippers are a common household item in life and are widely used in clothes, shoes and other types of clothing, and are popular for their convenience and ease of......