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Neutral salt spray test method

​Neutral salt spray test method, acetate spray test method, copper salt accelerated acetate spray test method...


G571 Fabric Breathability Tester Standards

  The fabric breathability tester is used to quickly determine the breathability of various sheet-like materials such as coated fabrics, filter paper, filter ma......


sweat stain color fastness tester

  The sweat stain color fastness tester is used to test the degree of influence of human sweat, water, or seawater on the color fastness of clothes; Combined wi......


surface combustion tester for plush fabrics

  Advantages and characteristics:  1. Have a strong after-sales service team;  2. Able to handle various issues in a timely and fast manner, relieving customers......


leakage trace tester technical parameters

  The leakage trace tester is used for electrical products that may experience insulation leakage between live parts of different polarities or between live par......