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Anti-impact Test Bench For Automobile Steering

Anti-impact Test Bench For Automobile Steering

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The steering tester (hereinafter referred to as "test bed") can complete the axial impact test of the rack and pinion steering gear assembly. Part of the use of pendulum swing arm structures impact of one end of the steering gear, while recording the impact of the impact generated. Part of the use of drop hammer structures impact steering gear assembly or one end of the column, while recording the impact of X, Y, Z direction of the impact. The test bed can meet the customer to provide the standard test (reference).
● The sample can be adjusted on the platform;
● Pendulum over the lowest point has limit protection;
● Impact test automatically completed, the impact and the lift automatically completed;
● Automatically show the impact load, record the test results;
● Drop hammer impact test with anti - secondary impact protection device;
● The test data is stored in database;
● After the test, the test data can be analyzed, automatically scaled. Data points display;
● Interface using virtual panel technology, test curve using analog oscilloscope display;
● Print data results, to facilitate a variety of test data comprehensive analysis;

Control System
 The control measurement system is controlled by the CPU of Intel single chip microprocessor 80C196. It can be issued by the serial port by the computer control commands. The impact, lifting pendulum and placing pendulum are realized by computer command. The control system is controlled by the external wiring and the electric drag part . The control system also includes an emergency stop button to prevent emergency situations where power is removed.

 In Windows environment, virtual instrument technology. Friendly interface, easy to operate. In the experiment, real-time display test data and test curve; After the test, the corresponding data processing can be completed and the complete test report is printed. The test results and test curve are stored in the database form, so as to facilitate the test results.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Pendulum indicators
Impact hammer maximum quality  20.41kg (pendulum mass can counterweight)
Impact hammer force 1000mm
Maximum impact energy 200J
Pendulum Pre-horn angle 90°
Angle resolution 0.1°
Power supply Three-phase AC 380V,2kw
Drop hammer impact index
Drop hammer weight 30kg+10kg+10kg+3kg
Triaxial load Z to ±30kN;X、Y向 ±15kN;
Drop hammer lift height (0-1360)mm
Maximum impact energy 700J
High resolution 1mm
Pipe column drop hammer width 800mm
Power supply Three-phase AC 380V, 3Kw
Single phase AC 220V, 1.5kW

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