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Needle burner tester

Needle burner tester

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The device use needle flame to simulate small flame effect resulted from equipment incorrect operation so as to evaluate fire hazard.
Expose the specimen to fire in a certain time. The temperature of the copper block is measured by K-type mineral insulated metal sheathed thermocouples (level 1) conforming to IEC 60584-2
The calibration device is capable of automatically measuring the time interval between 100 ° C and 700 ° C and calculating the mean value of the three measurements. The calibration device is also equipped with a digital-analog temperature output that can be used to measure the external time interval.

Scope of application:

Needle flame tester used not only for low-voltage electrical appliances, power tools, machine tools, electrical instruments, household appliances, electrical, electronic equipment, lighting, electrical connections, accessories and other electrical and electronic equipment and components, components research, production and quality Departments, but also for insulating materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industry

Needle flame tester IEC 60695 Product features:

1, completely independent of electricity, gas design, use safely
2, military-grade explosion-proof glass
3, the unique delay exhaust system, the machine can continuously run after the exhaust ventilation which can be preset 1 ~ 3min
4, box with high hardness stainless steel

Technical Parameters:

1, the equipment outside size: 1000mm wide × 650mm deep × 1300mm high
2, test background: black background
3, the burning time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s adjustable (generally selected for the 30s)
4, burning time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, automatic recording, manual pause
5, the temperature test range: 0 ~ 1000 ℃
6, the combustion gas: 95% butane gas (can be bottled lighter gas)
7, the flame height: 12mm ± 1mm (with height measurement equipment)
8, the flame temperature requirements: from 100 ℃ ± 2 ℃ rose to 700 ℃ ± 3 ℃ time in 23.5 seconds ± 1 second

Laboratory needle flame tester

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