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ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter

ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter

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Test Principle:

A sample is placed in a "cone" shaped radiant heater. Normally, the sample is exposed to 35 kW / m2 of external flux-forming heaters. However, for more refractories the heater is often increased to 50 kW / m2. Once sufficient pyrolysis products are produced, ignition occurs. Combustion products pass through a conical heater and through an instrument discharge tube.

The measured / calculated values are usually important including, but not limited to, the maximum ignition time, the mass loss rate during combustion, the maximum amount of time and heat released during combustion, the total amount released during the test.

Complete system includes:

1. Conical heater - in a truncated cone, 230V, 5000W, with a heat output of 100 kW / m2

2. Test the sample device in horizontal or vertical.

3. 3 K-type thermocouple and 3 PID temperature controllers for temperature regulation

4. Opening and closing mechanism - to protect the sample area before testing to ensure that the initial quality measurement is stable, the operator can have additional time to test the system before testing. For flammable samples, if there is no opening and closing mechanism, it is easy to burn prematurely. This extra time is very important to the operator

5. Sample holder - sample size 100mm x 100mm, thickness of not more than 50mm, placed horizontally or vertically

A cone calorimeter is a fire test apparatus based on the amount of heat released during the combustion process, which is directly related to the oxygen consumption in the combustion process.

The amount of heat generated is directly proportional to the severity of the fire, such as the rate of fire growth. In order to obtain the flammability of the material, the material is exposed to an external radiation heat source. Therefore, since this is a forced combustion test, the cone value is generally considered to reflect the second ignitability of the ignition.

Cone Calorimeter Analysis Instrument Standard:

ISO5660,ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1474, ASTM E 1740, ASTM F 1550, ASTM D 6113, NFPA 264, CAN ULC 135, BS 476

Scope of application:

The Cone Calorimeter is the most significant bench scale instrument in the field of fire testing.

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