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Elmendorf Tearing Tester

Elmendorf Tearing Tester

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Elmendorf tearing tester using stable mechanical clamps, specimen is fixed in the clamp and use the equipped blade to cut a crack, specimen is torn along the crack direction by releasing the moveable clamp, convert the work and get value of tearing in a certain length to ballistic tearing strength.
GB/T 3917.1 ,ASTM D 1424,DIN 53862,EN ISO 13937-1,ISO 4674-2,ISO 9290,
M&S P29,NEXT 17,NF G07-149,GB/T 455,APPITA P 400,ASTM D 689,BS 4468,CSA D9,
DIN 53128,EN 21974,ISO 1974,JIS P 8116,PAPTAC D9,SCAN P11,
SNV 198482,TAPPI T414,UNI 6444,GB/T 11999,ASTM D 1922,ISO 6383-2,
JIS K 7128-2,NF T54 141,ASTM D 5734,WSP 100.1
1,test range (A-C):16N,32N,64N
2,test accuracy:≤±1 division value
3,tearing length:43mm
4,cut length:20±0.2mm
5,sample size:100×63mm

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