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vertical flame test chamber

vertical flame test chamber

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The Vertical Flammability Chamber, designed for American Standards, measures the vertical flame spread for children's sleepwear, fabrics, other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture.
The vertical burning of textiles is suitable for all types of fabrics and their products. Test method applicable to the burning performance of the bottom edge of the vertical textile specified in GB5455-2014 standard.
Gas pipeline system special designed, low space occupied, and convenience to move;
Exhaust vents at the bottom and top of test chamber ensure good ventilation and steady flame;
LED displayer shows the igniting time, afterflame time and afterglow time, with high working efficient and the data more accuracy;
A stainless steel construction, large glass-viewing window;
Excellent reliability and minimum maintenance;
Purpose-designed test chamber.
ASTM D6413, CALIF TB117, DOC-FF 3/71, 16CFR Parts1615/1616, FTMS 191-5903, CPAI 84     
Inner size
About 330*330*765mm.
tempered glass observation window
Exhaust holes
16pcs proof holes,6pcs each side(total 12pcs)
Exhaust diameter
Proof hanging clamp
located 17mm above the highest point of the igniter nozzle.
Diameter of the igniter nozzle
Angle about the head and vertical line
inlet gas pressure of the igniter
Ignition time
accurate to 0.05s
Gas source
industrial grade propane, butane or propane / butane mixed gas. When the sample is pretreated according to 7.3 in GB5455-2014, methane gas with a purity of not less than 97% is selected.
Sample size
300*89mm, five horizontal and vertical
Ambient temperature
-10 ° C ~ 30 ° C
Power supply voltage
220V±10% 50HZ
less than 100W
Flame time
Flame time accuracy
± 0.01s
Afterglow time
longest 0-99M99S
Blue flame height
15mm-175mm with flame height scale
Ignition time
any setting (can be preset)
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