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Gloves Cut Resistance Testing Machine

Gloves Cut Resistance Testing Machine

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     Safety Glove Cutting Resistance Test Machine and tester for testing the upper, protective gloves, leather and other materials, cutting strength, suitable for safety gloves protection area knife-resistant test, but not for those very hard material gloves.


Test Criteria:
EN ISO 20344, GB / T 20991, EN 388, EN 340


Detection Principle:
A rotating circular blade is cut and placed on a dedicated sample device. The blade is reciprocated under a specified load, automatically counted, the test is automatically stopped, and the difference between the test before and after the test is made. Test Results.


Technical Parameters:
1. Number of test samples: 1 group;
2. Horizontal movement displacement: 50mm;
3. Blade rotation direction: the opposite direction of motion;
4. Blade cutting speed: maximum 10cm / s;
5. Load on blade: 5 ± 0.05 N;
6. Round blade size: diameter 45 ± 0.5mm, thickness 3 ± 0.3mm;
7. Total cutting angle: 30 ° -35 °;
8. Blade material: hard tungsten steel, hardness of 740-800HV;
9. Dimension: 550 × 400 × 250mm (L × W × H);
10. Counter: LCD liquid crystal display, 0 ~ 99,999,999;
11. Weight: 57.5kg;
12. Power: 220V 50Hz;

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