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Medical injection needle puncture force tester

Medical injection needle puncture force tester

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The needle puncture force simulates the skin tester with a 5.7-inch (120 x 90) single color LCD touch screen, which is displayed in the Chinese menu. Nominal specification, pipe wall, test number, pressure, upward, downward, time, calibration.
The keyboard controls the menu on the LCD screen, and the airborne print test data. Real-time display of puncture force and peak force data can show maximal puncture force and F 5 peak force. The needle puncture force simulates the complete character of the skin tester.
It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB15811 "disposable sterile injection needle".
The puncture force of the injection needle was assessed by the maximum peak force measured at the time of the simulated skin using a puncture force test device.
Nominal specification: 0.3 ~ 1.2mm;
Test range: 0.10 ~ 5.00N, accuracy: + 0.01N;
Mobile speed: 100mm/min;
(presented) simulated skin: polyurethane membrane material conforms to GB15811 standard;
Printing method: can print 8, 13 or 20 test data and average puncture force and deviation value each time.
Net weight: 11kg dimensions: 400 x 290 * 240 (mm)
Partial list:
1. Main engine
2. Printing paper 1 roll.
3. A set of clamps.
Weight one set.
5. One-year warranty
6. Operation instructions
7. The instrument is free to upgrade service according to national standards.
Puncture force test procedure:
Will be needle and simulate the skin in the 22 ℃ plus or minus 2 ℃ for at least 24 h, and at the same temperature test;
The suitable size of the simulated skin clamp on the fixture shall not have any obvious stretching or compression force applied to the simulated skin.
The needle is installed on the device, and its axis is perpendicular to the surface of the simulated skin, and the tip points to the center of the circular puncture zone.
Set the moving speed to 100mm/min.
Start the testing device.
In the process of puncture, the maximum sharp value or record force/displacement diagram was measured simultaneously.

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