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Medical injection needle rigidity tester

Medical injection needle rigidity tester

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It is often used in medicine, medical needle needle specifications general points: normal wall, thin walled, ultra thin, rigid performance and its sharpness directly affect the degree of the patient's pain, countries in the GB - 18457-2001 - manufacturing
In the standard of stainless steel needle tube for medical machine, the rigid size of medical injection needle tube is specified, and the production unit must be strictly implemented.
Principle of needle tube rigid test method:
Measure the deflection value of the needle tube by applying a specified force to the center of the specified span of the supported needle.
Technical parameters:
Deflection measurement range: 0-5mm accuracy + 0.01mm.
Setting load: 5.5-60n accuracy + 0.1n.
Shelf distance: 0-55mm accuracy 0.5mm.
Needle tube specifications:.3mm-3.4mm (normal wall, thin wall, ultrathin wall)
Loading speed: the accuracy of v=1mm/min is 0.1mm/min.
Dimensions: 460mmx340mmx400mm.
Heavy volume; 25 kg
Partial list:
1. The main engine is a 
2. Printing paper 1 roll 
3. A set of jig
4. Weight one set
5. One year warranty
6. Operation instruction 
7. The instrument is free to upgrade service according to national standards for life.
Test method:
Rigid-take right amount of the separated and glass syringes, abandon rigid test instrument [can pass the push rod to 60 N shi (precision is: + / - 0.1 N), the force vertically downward effect on the needle. The lower end of the push rod
By a mutual into 60 ° Angle of mode shape and curvature radius of cylinder of LMM, the push rod width at least 5 mm, displacement measurement precision of the instrument for muscle (see figure 1), the adjustment of the needle and just according to the requirements of the following
Test instrument: a) the span to be measured in table l needle specifications corresponding numerical: b) made of push rod end surface is located in the center of the span: c) makes the needle with two needle be vertical and the push rod, the same
The center line of the needle tube and the center line of the shelf are coincident. According to the span and load conditions specified in table l, the test is carried out: according to the corresponding force of the needle tube in table l, the speed of lmmlmin is used to push the needle through the push rod.
The pipe bending force is applied downward to measure and record the deflection of the needle tube at the force point, to 0.01mm. The injection needle should have good rigidity, and the large deflection should meet the requirements of table l.
Test procedure:
1. Place the needle tube on the rigid test instrument and adjust the needle tube and the rigid test instrument as follows:
Make the span to be the corresponding value in table 2.
The end of the push rod is at the center of the span;
Keep the needle tube perpendicular to the two holding posts and the push rod, and align the center line of the needle tube with the center line of the shelf.
2. The force that corresponds to the nominal specification of the syringe in table 2 is used to apply bending force to the needle tube at a rate of 1mm/min.
3. Measure and record the deflection of the needle tube at the force point to 0.01mm.

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