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Medical needle toughness tester

Medical needle toughness tester

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Medical needle injection needle toughness tester using 5.7 inches (120 × 90) LCD menu display, touch operation: 3 tubes walls( normal wall, thin wall, ultra thin wall) are optional;
 RX9626-D medical needle Toughness tester is designed and manufactured according to GB18457 " stainless steel needlefor medical equipment manufacturing," GB15811 "sterile disposable injection needle" standards
Needle Toughness Test Method Principle:
One end of the needle tube is fixed and a force is applied to the needle tube from the fixed point to the prescribed span, bent in one direction by a specified angle and then into opposite direction, repeat at  stipulated number of times.
Technical parameters:
Syringe nominal specifications: 0.2 ~ 3.4mm;
Test frequency: 0.5Hz;
Rocker arm bending angle: 15 °, 20 °, 25 ° 3 kinds of positions, the switch set bending angle, display in  high-brightness 4 digit LED;
Bending distance: 6 ~ 95mm, accuracy: ± 0.1mm (10 kinds of specifications);
The number of experiments: bi-directional force 20 times.
Net weight: 10kg
Overall dimensions: 300 × 240 × 240 (mm)
Free upgrade according to national standards perpetually
Part list:
1. Host  1 set
2. Printing paper 1 roll
3. Fixture  1set
4. Weight 1 set
5. Operating Instruction
Test procedure:
1 Fix one end of the needle tube firmly to the jig and adjust the specified span load of test needle  according to table 3 , and select bending angle as following, normal wall 25 °, thin wall 20 ° and ultra thin wall 15 °.
2. Apply a sufficiently large force at the specified span position, exert force bi-directionally 20 times at a frequency of 0.5 Hz to observe the breakage of the needle cannula.

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