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Syringe seal positive pressure tester

Syringe seal positive pressure tester

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Syringe seal positive pressure tester is suitable for measuring the closeness of medical syringes. It can accurately determine whether the syringe sealing performance meets the specified requirements.
Syringes are widely used in medicine industry. Its quality is closely related to our health and safety. Syringe positive pressure tester introduces new technology design, 5.7-inch (120 × 90) single-color LCD touch screen display. The nominal capacity of the syringe, lateral force used for leak test and the axial pressure are selected by the keyboard, and lateral force, axial pressure, duration action time on the mandrel are displayed during testing and test result can be printed by the on-board printer.
High-quality material structure, better anti-corrosion performance, long service life.
Design layout is reasonable, beautiful appearance and small size.
Key operation, keyboard selection, automatic timing, single color LCD touch screen. Operation is easy.
Instrument is of high stability, lateral force error is not greater than ± 0.5%,  test time error is not greater than ± 1s.
Inbuilt printer prints test results.
Technical Parameters:
Lateral force: 0.25N ~ 3N, error is not greater than ± 5%
Axial pressure: 100Kpa ~ 400Kpa, error is not greater than ± 5%
Nominal capacity: 1ml ~ 60ml, any choice
Test time: 30S ± 5S, the error is not greater than ± 1S
Net weight: 12kg
Overall dimensions: 485mm × 345mm × 300mm
Part list:
1. Host  1 set
2. Printing paper 1 roll
3. Fixture  1set
4. Weight 1 set
5. Operating Instruction 

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