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Precision Fiber Microtome

Precision Fiber Microtome

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Precision Fiber Microtome

Testing Standards:
ASTM D2130, BS 2043, DIN 53811, ISO 137, IWSTM 24, IWTO 8-6
Precision Fiber Microtome is used to produce accurate cross-sectional specimens of fibre for further examination under a microscope. Fiber cross sections of varying thickness from 10 microns are produced for microscopic examination, measurement and identification.

Product Information:
A degreased bundle of fibre is inserted into the slot on the top of the Microtome. An embedding
medium is applied to the bundle and allowed to dry. The fibre bundle is placed on the ejector and the micrometer wheel is used to determine the required parameters of the precision cut.
Cross-sectioning reveals certain characteristics that may be used to identify fibres, including:
1.Contour of the fibre
2.Thickness of the cuticle layer
3.Presence of medulla – if present, its type, shade, contour in relation to that of the fibre, and position in the fibre
4.Presence of pigment – if present, its distribution whether it is sparse, dense or in large aggregates, and whether it is most dense near the medulla or near the cuticle or arranged in bi-lateral form
5.Dye penetration
Operation Instructions of Precision Fiber Microtome:
1.Turn the micrometer wheel to the end.
2.Screw off the two screws on the cover, remove the cover.
3.Insert the fibre into the slot of the cover showing a small cut out.
4.Tighten the screws up, push the pushing plate to the side of the slot to compress the fibre, lock the nut on the plate.
5.Cut the fibre along the cover with the blade.
6.Turn the micrometer wheel until showing the required parameters.
7.Take drops of collodion on it.
8.Cut the fibre along the cover with the blade again.

Technical Parameters:
1.Weight: 3kg(6.6lb);
2.Outside dimensions: 75×150×100mm(L×W×H).
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