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Fuel Oil Magnetizer

Fuel Oil Magnetizer

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Through the teatment of the fuel oil magnetizer, the molecule structure of hydrocarbon compounds will alter with more small molecule increased, molecule spacing enlarged and fuel viscosity decreased. As a result, the fuel (oil and gas) is greatly increased in atomization and refinement before combustion and is fully burned under the oxygen condition in the combustion chamber. Therfore, the air blast volume of the combustion equipment can be reduced by 15 to 20 percent, avoiding the heat taken from the flue and the temperature of the flue dropped by about 30 percent. It contributes to saving the fuel to protect the environment from the pollution of the exhaust gas.

Boiler, ship, fuel (gas) direct combustion machine, generator set, power unit, industrial furnace cellar, etc. All combustion equipment using hydrocarbons (oil, gas) as the fuel, such as various types of fuel (gas) heater, and  large, medium and small gasoline engine, etc., can install the device in the pump and the combustion chamber (cylinder) or between the nozzle for catalytic treatment of magnetization cracking to the fuel before combustion.
Features and advantage
1.Fuel saving from 8% to 18%.
2. Investment return in a few months to 2 years, the effect is outstanding.
3. Semi-permanent effect, a permanent investment income.
4. No time or cost required for maintenance.
5. Just replace the original pipe to magnetic pipe, no need of large-scale construction.

Working principle
 Magnetic Heavy Oil Pipe working principle
Magnetic Heavy Oil Pipe working principle


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