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Steering Transmission Shaft Assembly Torsion Gap Tester

Steering Transmission Shaft Assembly Torsion Gap Tester

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Steering Transmission Shaft Assembly Torsion Gap Tester

According to the automotive industry standard, the test bench can achieve the steering column of the steering gap, axial clearance, radial clearance, spline sliding force, cross-axis steering gap detection and trolley gap. The test bench is a special test equipment for testing the steering pitch, axial clearance, radial clearance, spline slip force and cross shaft rotation clearance of the steering column of the vehicle.

The gap of the steering column assembly can be quantitatively analyzed by the tester. During the test, the computer draws the corresponding angle - torque, axial force - axial displacement, radial force - radial displacement, spline slip force - displacement performance curve. It can be used to measure starting torque, no load torque, pushing force and displacement measurement Etc., and judge the test results for product qualification or not.

● Steering gap (including starting torque meter no-load torque)
● Steering axial clearance
● Steering shaft radial clearance
● Sliding spline sliding force
● The universal joint cross shaft turns to the gap
● Universal Joint Cross Axial Clearance (measured displacement of the universal joint fork shaft) Displacement of the shaft The amount of displacement
● Drive shaft radial clearance (radial side)
● Conductive test of steering column
● Assembly endurance test
● Universal joint fork assembly torque (no-load natural state measured fork between the torque)
● Steering shaft assembly No load to start torque (steering column natural state measured its starting torque)
Technical Parameters



Maximum torque

5Nm, accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S

Maximum angle

0-360, accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S

Maximum input power

200N, accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S

Maximum displacement

30mm, accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S

Test piece length


Control mode

Torque, angle, force, displacement


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