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Automatic Coating Machine MEMCAST

Automatic Coating Machine MEMCAST

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The automatic film coater MEMCAST™ is ideal for the synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes via phase inversion. Reproducible and smooth film layers can be prepared, either self standing (e.g. coating directly onto glass, stainless steel, etc.) or on various substrates (e.g. nonwoven, polymeric supports, etc.).
Our exclusive design, product of the collaboration between POROMETER N.V. and the membrane testing equipment manufacturer Convergence Industry B.V., is robust, durable, easy to clean and very user-friendly design. Two standard variants are available:
◆ Robust
◆ Durable
◆ Easy to clean
◆ User-friendly design
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters  

Memcast™ Memcast™ Plus
Coating size ca. 400 * 700 mm ca. 400 * 700 mm
Coating speed 0.5 up to 10 cm/s 0.5 up to 10 cm/s
Heating of the coating surface Not applicable Up to 100 ºC

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