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Automated Filter Tester 8127

Automated Filter Tester 8127

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This Automated Filter Tester, an Oil aerosol tester, can quickly and accurately measure the filtration efficiency of filtration protection equipment and material. The Automated filter tester designed to meet the global commercial respirator standards, durability, reliability and low maintenance frequency , which could meet the harsh requirements of manufacturing and quality control environment. Specially designed aerosol generators and detectors enable highly reproducible and reproducible filter efficiency testing.  Beyond that, the model 8127 have a highly automated and self-diagnostic system that greatly simplifies operation/ increases productivity and improves overall measurement performance.
 The filter placed in the middle of the filter fixture, press the start double switch to start testing.
Cylinder quickly descends the upper end of  the filter fixture, the aerosol passes through the filter.
Two optic-scattering photometer simultaneously measure the aerosol concentration level upstream and downstream of the filter to calculate the particle penetration value.
High-precision electronic pressure transducers determine resistance and flow rate.
The pressure and photometer readings determine zero compensation and background values.
Features Benefits
Compliance with various respirator regulations. Simple Fast and automated Operation.
The test results are highly consistent.
The warrant is designed to manufacture the environment.
Service and Support

 Dust Generation: Compressor air system with aerosol generator to provide a certain amount of test dust.
Test Chamber: Main test chamber and sample holder. Monitoring and regulating system; pressure monitoring and regulation, providing dynamic test environment.
The results show and analyze the system monitor through the aerosol and display the test results.
Standards Compliant
 US CFR 42 Part 84
EU EN 143 and respirator related standards
Other national respirator regulations
Filter media testing
Technical Specification
Items Parameter
Apllication Load and quality control
Max Efficiency 99.999%
Aerosol Type DOP/PAO/DEHS/Paraffi/Others Oil Aerosol
Aerosol Generation Atomizing
CMD 0.2μm(Oil)
GSD <1.6(Oil)
Flow Rate 15-100L/min
Resistance 0-150mm H2O(0-1470Pa)
Particle Detect Scatter Photometer
Measurement Time 10 Sec.
Data Report LCD,RS-232
Operation Independent tewster、automatic production line
Standard compliant US 42 CFR part 84,EN 143,JMOL,ISO 23328-1
Power Supply 115VAC、60Hz,10A或230VAC,50Hz,5A
Compressor Air 80psig,7scfm(550kPa,198std.L/min)
Dimension 69cm x 71cm x 147cm(27in, x 28in.x 58in.)
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