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High Efficiency Filter Material Filtration Performance Tester

High Efficiency Filter Material Filtration Performance Tester

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The Automated Filter Tester Model 8130 is designed to comply with commercial respirator mask standards around the globe and has a proven track record of durability, reliability, and minimal maintenance, meeting the demanding requirements of manufacturing and quality control environments.

Whether you are looking for a stand-alone tester to check a few filters per day or need to integrate your tester in an automated, high volume production line, AFT's are up to the challenge. Specially designed aerosol generators and detectors enable highly repeatable and reproducible filter-efficiency measurements.

In addition, the Model 8130 features a high degree of automation and self-diagnostics that greatly simplifies operation, increases throughput and improves overall measurement performance. As a result, The filter testers are ideally suited for QC testing.

The Model 8130 measures penetration efficiencies of filter media or masks. Values up to 99.999 percent (penetrations as low as 0.001 percent) have been realized with Emery oil at concentrations of 200mg/m³. Please note that the sensitivity for salt aerosol is less. A variety of aerosols may be used because oil aerosols are generated without heat.

QinSun offers a variety of optional accessories to diversify the capability and applicability of the Automated Filter Tester Model 8130. These include custom filter holders and external adapters for testing a wide variety of filter types and an external control interface for automated tester operation.
Feature Benefits
Compliance with respirator regulations
Simple, fast and automated operation
Highly consistent test results
Designed for manufacturing environments
Service and support
Thermal printer
Test media sheets
Gravimetric filter holder
Flat-media filter holder
Custom filter holders available
USA commercial respirator regulation (42 CFR part 84)
European EN 143 and related respirator standards 
View EN 143 Compliance Report (US)
View EN 143 Compliance Report (DE)
JMOL (Japanese respirator standard)
And, many more national respirator regulations
Filter media testing
Consult your Qinsun representative for more details
Technical Parameters




Load and quality control

Max Efficiency


Aerosol Type

DOP/PAO/DEHS/Paraffi/Others Oil Aerosol、Salt

Aerosol Generation



0.2μm(Oil)or 0.75um(NaCl)


<1.6(Oil)or <1.86(NaCl)

Flow Rate



0-150mm H2O(0-1470Pa)

Particle Detect

Scatter Photometer

Measurement Time

10 Sec.

Data Report



Independent tewster、automatic production line

Standard compliant

US 42 CFR part 84,EN 143,JMOL,ISO 23328-1 ISO 16900-3

Power Supply


Compressor Air



70cm x 70cm x 147cm(28in, x 28in.x 58in.)

Mask Filter Efficiency Tester

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