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Fabric Vertical Flame Spread Performance Tester

Fabric Vertical Flame Spread Performance Tester

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TheFabric Vertical Flame Spread Performance Tester is suitable for single-component or multi-component (coating, seam, multi-layer, mezzanine and similar combinations) of clothing, curtains and large tents, including arbor and door cover textile vertical flame spread performance determination. It is used to assess the performance of materials or combinations of materials under laboratory control conditions.
GB/T 5456-2009 Textiles-Burning behavior-Flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens
ISO 6941:2003 Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens 

Electric wire ignition.
Burner automatic timing positioning
Ignition time 0 ~ 99.99 seconds arbitrarily set. Afterflame time, Afterglow time, flame spread time are automatically recorded, digital display.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Ignition time 0 ~ 99.99 seconds any set
Afterflame time, afterglow time, spread time 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, accuracy: ± 0.01 seconds
Flame height 10 ~ 60mm adjustable
Flame height measuring device  Scale height 40mm
Sample holder A height of 560mm rectangular frame
Gas Industrial propane or butane gas
Sample size 560mm × 170mm

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