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Fabric Heat Conduction Performance Tester

Fabric Heat Conduction Performance Tester

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The instrument is mainly used for the determination of textiles, fire supplies and other materials thermal conductivity.
 EN 367-1992  Protective clothing -Protection against heat and flames -Test Method: Determination of the heat transmission on exposure to flame
The instrument can digitally display the flame temperature, measurement temperature, and time.
The burner is equipped with a flame nozzle which is suitable for burning petroleum liquefied gas. The stomata are distributed in the inner and outer rings. The calorimeter is placed in the hole of the splint on the sample rack and is in direct contact with the sample.
Its main performance indicators can achieve the level of similar foreign products, which fill the domestic blank. The cost of the instrument is only one-fifth of similar foreign products.
Place the sample on a heat source with a certain heat flux
The time required to measure the temperature rise by the calorimeter on the back of the sample (Δt = 24 ° C) as an index for evaluating the thermal conductivity
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Heat source Oil liquefied gas
Heat flux density Greater than 40KW / m2
Measuring temperature range 20 ℃ ~ 200 ℃
Timing range  0 ~ 100s
Sample size 140mm × 140mm
Calorimeter diameter Φ40mm
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz 1.5kW

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