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Hardened Concrete Bubble Spacing Coefficient Analyzer

Hardened Concrete Bubble Spacing Coefficient Analyzer

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Hardened concrete bubble spacing coefficient analyzer is a newly designed instrument, combined with the current needs of the industry, with reference to a number of equipment manufacturers' design concepts, and modification of  problems existed in current market. The instrument is suitable for studying the influence of concrete air - entraining agent on the characteristic parameters of concrete bubbles, the relationship between bubble characteristic parameters and material ratio, and the relationship between bubble spacing coefficient and frost resistance durability index. The instrument uses linear wire method to test various parameters of hardened concrete bubbles. Bubble spacing coefficient analyzer has good work performance, user-friendly software interface, simple operation, and high test precision, greatly welcomed by the domestic scientific research units.
 DL/T 5150-2001 Test Code for Hydraulic Concrete is one of the basic codes in the system of standards for water resources and hydropower construction.

1, The use of linear wire method. The measured length of the wire can be arbitrarily set by software.
2, The acquisition software interface is user-friendly with simple operation.
3, Rapid measurement of gas content, bubble average chord length, bubble average radius, bubble specific surface area, bubble spacing coefficient, the number of bubbles and other parameters.
4, The device is equipped with unique sample fixture, to ensure the repeatability of the sample test.
5, The device uses a professional and accurate digital industrial camera to acquire images, and transmit into the computer through the USB interface. The acquired images are uniformly processed and analyzed through the computer to figure out the number of bubbles and chord distribution, and calculate the corresponding bubble parameter.
6, Automatic operation and analysis measurement system. The user simply place the sample into the test platform, and the remaining work will be done by the system automatically completed with a report generated.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Acquisition methods Digital industrial camera
Microscope resolution ≤3.3um
Microscope  amplification 22~136
Microscope illumination  Concentration photovotaic
Travel base ≤3um
Chord length range ≤0.05mm
Test working hour 5min ~10min
External dimension 535mm×575mm×520mm

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