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Vibration Table

Vibration Table

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Vibration testing machine is a kind of environment in which the products are manufactured, assembled and transported. The instrument is used to identify whether the product is capable of tolerating the vibration of the environment. It is applicable to electronics, electromechanical, photoelectric, automobile, toy... Research, development, quality control and manufacturing of various industries.

◆ Single axis horizontal vibration table, single axis vertical vibration table, horizontal two-way vibrating table, multi-axis vibration table.
◆ The maximum table size is 2000mm x 2000mm
◆ The maximum load is 2000KG
◆ The frequency range is 0.1 ~ 200Hz
◆ The precision of sine, sinusoidal sweep and random wave can be realized.
◆ The rated load, mesa size, test frequency, maximum displacement and maximum acceleration can be customized according to customer's requirement.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Rated load 100N        200N        500N        1000N          2000N
Table size (mm) 200×200 /300×300 /500×500/800×800/1000×1000/1500×2000(customizable)
Frequency range (Hz) 5/10/50/100/120/200 (customizable)
Maximum displacement   (mm) 5/10/50/100/120   (customizable)
Maximum acceleration (m/s2 10/20/50/100   (customizable)

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