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General Ventilation And Air Filter Test System

General Ventilation And Air Filter Test System

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The test system is suitable for ventilation and air conditioning field, as well as the electronics industry, nuclear industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and other areas of the clean air conditioning used by general ventilation air filter performance test methods.
It is designed and manufactured in the principle of "general ventilation air filters - determination of filtration properties" (European standard EN779:2002). The product can be tested by counting method or weighing method which refers to the related CRAA standard issued by China refrigeration and air conditioning industry association. It is more suitable for domestic filter manufacturers to check the products. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use and wide application scope. The test data of the product can be obtained by the operating system test software developed independently by the company.
 ◆ The test piping is made of stainless steel. Design reasonable, reduce dust adhesion
◆ Various kinds of dust can be used to meet various requirements
1.The artificial dust (simulated atmosphere) 2.The aerosol generator
◆ Most of the main components are the company's own research and development, the maintenance is convenient and quick, the cost is low
◆ The software is easy to operate and reliable data

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Temperature range 10℃~38℃
Relative humidity 20%~65%
Upstream and downstream count size range 0.3цm-10.0цm
Air volume 800 m3/h~5500 m3/h
Resistance 0-1000pa
Efficiency of particle size range 0.3цm-10.0цm

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