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Liquid Absorption Specific Surface Area Analyzer

Liquid Absorption Specific Surface Area Analyzer

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The liquid absorption specific surface area analyzer is an up-to-date extension of the BET static nitrogen adsorption technique that automatically measures the liquid vapor adsorption volume characteristics based on the increase and decrease of the liquid water vapor pressure. The applied liquids includes water and other organic liquids ( Such as benzene, ethane, and acetone). This innovative instrument allows the user to directly test how a particular gas interacts with a solid based on temperature, gas concentration, and sample temperature.
Operation Principle
 The liquid absorption specific surface area analyzer  is an important tool in many industrial areas (including ceramics, catalyst and pharmacy). The special purpose of the instrument includes the evaluation of building materials on how long it does not deteriorate based on their adsorption characteristics, the characteristics of nonwovens (eg, moisture penetration and absorption), and ceramic properties (including repulsion and absorption).

Applied industries:
Powder metallurgy
Chemical products   
· Tests can be conducted at high temperature.
· Unlimited user-defined data points.
· Microsoft software processes all control, measurement, data collection and report output; Manual control is available.
· Compatible with Windows 95 or higher version.
· Directly display the test status and test results during the operation.
· Non-destructive test with test duration for about 8h.
· Various types of samples in different sizes are accepted.
· Multiple sample chambers are available.
· Low maintenance fee.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Pore size range 10-500μm
Surface area range ≥0.01m2/g
Sample size Diameter up to 1cm
Pressure range 10-6Torr~10000Torr
Pressurized gas Any non-corrosive gases including nitrogen, krypton and ammonia
Pressure transducer range 100-10000Torr
Accuracy 0.15% 
Resolution 1/60000
Power requirement 110/220VAC,50/60Hz (other power source optional )
Dimension 60" H x 24" W x 24 " D
Weight 250lbs

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