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Smoke Toxicity Tester

Smoke Toxicity Tester

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Code for Gaseous Toxicity Caused by Combustion of Cable Materials in NES Standard of British Naval Engineering. Toxicity refers to a property that causes damage or dysfunction in a body structure. The toxicity index is the sum of the toxicities of all the gases produced when the material is burned.
The instrument complies with the NES 713 standard and is used to test the combustion characteristics of the material. Apply to colorimetric tube method or portable flue gas analyzer to measure the burning of the material after the smoke.
 Box for the stainless steel, the wall for the fire polypropylene, seamless welding. The internal space is 0.7 cubic meters.
The door design is easy to clean the cabinet and is use of transparent polycarbonate sheet. Plywood is used to strengthen the hardness and strength.
The gas nozzle uses a spark ignition system, and if the flame goes out, it can automatically re-ignite.
Timer control, automatic ignition, ignition complete automatically extinguished.
15 sample locations can be used with gas color reaction tubes or other gas analyzers.
Independent control box, built-in flow meter, timer, methane and air controller.
Powerful exhaust system, under the control of the timer can be completed in the test automatically when the smoke generated during the test process.
Built-in fan, can quickly mix the burning material.
During the combustion test, the progress of the combustion test can be observed by enhancing the plastic viewing window.
Door lock device is convenient to switch door.
 Manual / automatic test mode, is free to choose.
Automatic cycle mode is the combustion of the gas generated under the control of the cycle of the device.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Dimensions 1,185(W)×700(D)×2,100(H)mm
Power AC 220V , 50/60Hz, 10A
Weight About 150kg
Instructions Available
Exhaust 50L/s
Tool Compressed gas, vacuum cleaner, methane, propane gas (optional)

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