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Cyclic Compression Porometer

Cyclic Compression Porometer

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The instrument applies cyclic stress on a sample and measures the pore structure characteristics after a desired number of cycles. The stress cycles and testing after any desired number of cycles are automatically continued.
Operation Principle
 The instrument applies cyclic stress on a sample and measures the pore structure characteristics after a desired number of cycles. The sample is loaded in the sample chamber and is subjected to stress cycles in the specified stress limits. At the end of the desired number of stress cycles, the pressure of a non-reacting gas on one side of the sample is increased to initiate gas flow through pores. The gas pressure and flow rates are measured. The pores in the sample are spontaneously filled by a wetting liquid. The gas pressure and flow rates are measured through the wet sample. After acquisition of data, the sample is re-wetted and again subjected to cyclic compression. Pressure and flow rates are measured after the desired number of cycles. The test is continued to acquire data as a function of number of stress cycle.
 The Cyclic Compression Porometer is used to test the sample and measure the maximum pore diameter, mean flow pore diameter and pore distribution. Theses data represents the actual characteristics of pore structure.

Applied industries:
Automobile manufacturing  
Fuel battery pack  
Battery separator  
Wool felt        
acquires data, continues to cyclically stress the sample
Very little operator involvement
Operator adjustable: stress limits in a cycle; number of cycles after which data is to be acquired ; stress free duration for data acquisition ; total number of cycles.
Concurrent measurement of compressive stress in the sample as a function of stress cycle.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Pore Size Range 0.013 - 500 microns
Permeability Range 1 x 10-3 - 50 darcies
Sample size 1.75” - 2.5” diameter
Pressure range 0~500psi
Pressurizing gas Clean, dry, and compressed air or nonflammable and noncorrosive gas
Pressure transducer range 0~500psi
Resolution 1 in 60,000
Accuracy 0.15% of reading
Mass flow controller range 10cc/minute~100cc/minute
Power supply 110/220VAC,50/60Hz (Others Available)
Dimension D30” H x 19” W x 18.5” D
Weight 100lbs

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