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Pressure Impulse Test Stand

Pressure Impulse Test Stand

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Pressure Impulse Fatigue Test Stand makes use of modern hydraulic control valve technology to provide a test stand that is simple to operate, accurate, and flexible. The Impulse Test Stand is designed to test spin-on and cartridge type filter assemblies for their resistance to fatigue failure within their envelopes.
SAE HS-806 SAE oil filter test procedure.
ISO 4548-5 Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines. Part 5: Test for cold start simulation and hydraulic pulse durability.
 It is suitable for lubricating oil filters, hydraulic oil filters and fuel oil testers, including spin-on type and cartridge type filters.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Frequency range Square wave: 0-3Hz; Sine wave: 0-5Hz
Pressure range 0-6900kPa(0-1000psig)
Pressure control Servo valve with closed-loop PID control
Oil temperature range Ambient temperature- 140℃(284℉)
Temperature control Automatic PID control, ±2℃
Oil tank volume 225L(60 gallon )
Oil tank and oil pipe material Stainless steel

User interface, Controller and data acquisition
Items Parameters
CPU Dell OptiPlex w/ Intel Core™ processor
Operation system Microsoft Windows 7
User interface 22’’ LCD, keyboard and mouse
APP software Customized LabView, graphical display
Data output Test report output in the form of forms and graphs, xlsx format

Application requirements
Items Parameters
Power 480 Vac/3Ph/ 60Hz/40A (International voltage applicable )
Cooling water 12 lpm (3 gpm) @ 30℃ (85 ℉)
Operation temperature 10-40 ℃(50-104℉)

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