Flammability Test

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Fabric Flame Retardant Tester

Fabric Flame Retardant Tester

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The instrument is used to measure the intensity and speed of burning of flammable textiles when ignited.
 GB/T 14644-2014  Textiles-Burning behaviour-45°test determination of flame spread rate
CFR 1610 Standard for the flammability of clothing textiles
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Burning time range 0 ~ 99.99s; resolution: 0.01s
Ignition time 1s, resolution: 0.01s
Igniter Caliber 41/2 syringe needle
Sample size 150mm × 50mm
Sample clip size Shape -205mm × 76mm; inner frame -130mm × 40mm
The tip of the igniter is 8 mm from the specimen surface
Flame spray the sample from the midpoint to the mark line distance 127mm
Flame height 16mm

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