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Pedal Performance Endurance Test Bench

Pedal Performance Endurance Test Bench

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This test bench can test the car pedals. The test results can be used to decide whether the products are qualified, and maintained for statistics, analysis, storage and printing.
QC/T788-2007 The performance requirement of the car pedal device and the test method of the bench
QHMAC 103[1].143-201-2005 clutch pedal
QHMAC 103[1].143-202-2005 brake pedal
QHMAC 103[1].141-201-2005 accelerator pedal
Test Items
· Longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement, stiffness, intensity, anti-torsion performance test for different kinds of pedal assemblies.
· Clutch pedal durability test.
· Accelerator pedal durability test.
· Brake pedal durability test.
· Different kinds of pedal assemblies durability test.
· 20 degree of force durability test for  accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

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