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Four-door Two-cap Durable Test Stand

Four-door Two-cap Durable Test Stand

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Real door electric glass lifter and manual lift is used to finish the performance and durability test. White car body and real car (passenger car) are installed the test bench. The installation is scientific and convenient. You can choose to drive directly to or mounted to the installation platform. The detection mechanism can be installed in the real car (passenger car) to finish performance and durability test.
 The four-door double-cover durability test bed is mainly used for door hinges, limiters, door locks, fuel tank covers, door seals for door, front cover and rear cover for all types of cars, SUV and MPV, passenger cars and other models at room temperature the overall performance of the assembly and durability test.
Through the test, check the functional and quality of car side doors and front and rear cover and fasteners and other components
◆ Each drive system is completely independent. The drive system can achieve a different combination to meet different test needs.
◆ The instrument can be integrated into a four-door test on a device. You can also test the multi-car, for example, two cars can be carried out at the same time durable test. A car is used to do four side door durability test. Another car is used to do the durability test before and after the cover; Because the test bench has seven test modules, about seven vehicles can be carried out at the same time durable test.
◆ When the test does not require all the modules at the same time action, you can remove the unnecessary modules, saving test space and ensure the cleanliness of the test site.
◆ Because the modules are completely independent, easy to adjust, reducing the operational strength of the pilot, to facilitate the test.

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