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Thermal Radiation Flame Propagation Tester

Thermal Radiation Flame Propagation Tester

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The instrument can be more than 5mm thickness of the rigid and flexible materials for performance evaluation, according to the French building materials and railway vehicle flame retardant test standard NF P92-501.
The principle of the test is to carry out the heat radiation effect of 30KW / m2 on the specimen, which may cause the sample to volatilize the flammable gas and cause the combustion of the volatile gas, and observe the flame spread state, which can be used for the combustion of the material Estimated release of calorie data.
NF P92-501 Fire testing to building material
TB/T 2639.1 Test method for fire resistance of materials for railway rolling stock - Radiation test method
 Stainless steel test box, the wall is flame resistant material, equipped with transparent observation window; stainless steel tubular inlet device, equipped with a filter device shielding indoor pollution sources
45 degree test stand, equipped with stainless steel indicator feet, can be used to calculate the flame spread distance.
Thermal radiation device, can provide 30KW / m2 heat radiation flux; power controller can control the radiation output, and can adjust radiation flux by adjustable heat radiation device; panel display thermal radiation device operating power value, eliminating the frequent calibration procedures
Upper and lower stainless steel burner, can ignite the volatile flammable gas; needle valve can control the upper and lower burner flame height, equipped with a flame height measuring
Chang Ming small flame device, is easy to ignite the upper and lower burner before the test; a quarter of the plug device can facilitate the cut off the burner and ignite the flame gas
Top and air inlet thermocouple monitoring temperature, can real-time display temperature difference numerical status
 Standard test software, can calculate automatic statistics flame index, burning fever index, etc ; built-in test report, the data can be output and print, friendly interface
The test data are: flame index i; flame average height index S; maximum flame index h; combustion fever index C.
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Width 1900mm (74.8 inches)
Depth 460mm (18.1 inches)
Height 2100mm (82.6 inches)
Shipping Weight 208Kg (host: 158Kg; table: 50Kg)
Radiator rated power 500W
Power meter accuracy 0.5 level
Gas regulator valve pressure range <0.1MPa
Power 220V, 50Hz, 550W

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