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Aerosol Concentrator

Aerosol Concentrator

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Aerosol Concentrators are virtual impactor aerosol concentrators. Air is sampled at 300 L/min per minute into the concentrator. Particles >2.0 µm (4220) or >1.0 µm (4240) are classified by inertial separation and concentrated into a 1.0 L/min air stream for collection and analysis. Patented multiple nozzle virtual impactor design ensures high concentrating efficiency and low interstage particle loss. Low overall pressure drop makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications in environmental sampling where concentrated particle samples in the >2.0 and >1.0 µm must be collected for mass, chemical, and/or biological agent detection.

 Air environmental monitoring
 Chemical and biological agent detection
 Air cabin airtight monitoring
 Environmental monitoring department
data collection

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