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Thermal Conductivity tester Of High Temperature Materials

Thermal Conductivity tester Of High Temperature Materials

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The high temperature thermal conductivity tester is a test instrument prepared according to GB / T17911-2006, YB / T 4130-2005 standard for the determination of refractory insulation, ceramic fiber, felt, textile, plate, brick and other materials at different temperatures Of the thermal conductivity. The instrument can be widely used in heat and insulation materials production enterprises, the relevant quality inspection departments and units, institutions of higher learning and research institutes and other scientific research units.
 GB/T17911-2006 Test methods for refractory materials - ceramic fiber products
YB/T 4130-2005 Test method for thermal conductivity of refractory materials (water flow plate method)
 ◆ The constant pressure water tank outside the box using spray method, which is often we say that the electrostatic powder coating method, makes the chassis appearance of excellent quality, strong mechanical strength, anti-corrosion, no rust.
◆ The heating temperature of the furnace is high, and the 9 silicon carbon rods in the heating furnace are arranged equidistantly in the furnace box. During the test, the furnace is heated at the same time, which not only ensures the temperature balance of the furnace, but also can ensure that the temperature can be heated to 1200 ℃.
◆ Easy to achieve a stable water pressure, constant pressure water tank with the upper and lower water tank and 3 flow meter at the same time is used to control the size of water circulation flow, to achieve constant pressure conditions.
◆ Test time is short: routine test time 8-12 hours, saving manpower, material resources, time.
◆ The measuring range is large: the device can measure the thermal conductivity of the refractory between 0.03-2.00w / (m · k) and the various of test specimens.
◆ Inside the furnace with a large number of high-alumina fiber cotton instead of the refractory bricks, this design greatly improved the use of the furnace temperature, extended service life, reducing the weight of the furnace, reducing the size of the furnace.
◆ Test equipment, the furnace can be placed within the multi-layer test specimens.
◆ High temperature thermostat has long service life. Water cycle uses a pressure-resistant corrosion-resistant rubber tube. In the main furnace interface design of the anti-skid nut. The instrument is more solid.
◆ High safety factor, in the process of design of the circuit and the water cycle of independence, makes the electrical part of the equipment from the impact of water cycle, thus ensuring the electrical part of the data collection stability.
◆ Temperature stability is good, in the central calorimeter around the design of the protection of the calorimeter, the formation of one-dimensional protection, which can effectively prevent the exchange of heat with the outside world, making the specimen temperature stability greatly improved.
◆ Control system: control system core imported Omron PLC and auxiliary temperature expansion module design, can effectively reduce the interference and improve equipment stability. The output adopts Schneider new solid-state non-contact switching device, which has high reliability, long life, low noise, low switching speed, strong anti-interference ability and improved equipment life and safety.
◆ Display data and query historical data, export and print data, save the test curve in the form of pictures, and so on.
◆ Data interface uses RS-232 standard serial communication, synchronous acquisition of test data. Data is stability, high reliability, and easy to use. Data in the transmission process has strong anti-jamming performance.
◆ Computer interface is friendly, easy to operate. The software can automatically control the operation of the equipment, automatic detection, automatic acquisition, automatic display test curve, automatic completion of the test, but also can automatically generate test results, automatically generate test reports, automatically store data, automatically display data and query historical data. Export and print, save the test curve in the form of pictures and so on.
◆ Remote online services: I can through the internet, directly monitor the operation of the equipment around to facilitate the use of equipment to guide users and to help users solve difficult problems.

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