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Thermal Contact Resistance Testing Apparatus

Thermal Contact Resistance Testing Apparatus

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Thermal contact resisting testing device is designed with the adoption of advance technology for testing the thermal contact resistance of welder’s gloves which are used for protecting hands and wrists in the operation  process of welding and other related work.
Technical Parameters
1、Heating unit contact surface diameter:(25.2±0.05)mm;
2、Calorimeter test surface diameter:(25±0.05)mm;
3、Contact force: (49±0.5)N;
4、Timer: 0~99.99s,Accuracy: ±0.01s;
5、Contact speed:95.0±0.2)mm/s ;
6、Sample size:diameter 80mm;

 AQ 6103-2007 Protective gloves for welders. Appendix E Testing method for thermal contact resistance.

1.The heating unit is able to withstand a temperature up to 500℃,and the temperature is controllable.
2. Specially customized calorimeter meets test precision requirements.
3. Digital display the heating unit temperature, calorimeter temperature, critical time;
4. Contact speed is adjustable.
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