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In-Plane Porometer

In-Plane Porometer

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The sample chamber of the In-Plane Porometer is such that gas is allowed to displace liquid in pores to move radially from the center to the periphery of a sheet shaped sample. Suitable sample configurations give in-plane pore structures of multi-layered materials. The instrument measures:
● Pore diameter and distribution in the x-y plane, and in the x,y and z directions.
● Permeability in x-y plane and in the x, y and z directions.
● Pore size and distribution of layers of a composite.
 A wetting liquid is allowed to spontaneously fill the pores in the sample and a non-reacting gas is allowed to displace liquid from the pores in the radial direction. The gas pressure and flow rates through wet and dry samples are measured and the pore structure characteristics are computed using the following equations:
p = 4 γ cos θ /D
The differential gas pressure, p,required to remove liquid from pores and cause gas flow is related to surface tension, γ, contact angle, θ, and pore diameter, D.
 ◆ Allows testing of samples under compressive stress and elevated temperatures
◆ Determines gas permeability in x-y plane
◆ Nondestructive testing
◆ Wide range of acceptable sample sizes and types
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Pore Size Range 0.013 - 500 microns
Permeability Range 1 x 10^-10 - 1 x 10^-6
Sample Size 0.5” - 2.5” diameter
Pressurizing Gas Clean, dry, compressed air or nonflammable, non-corrosive gas
Pressure Range 0 - 500 PSI
Pressure Transducer Range 0 - 500 PSI
Resolution 1 in 60,000
Accuracy 0.15% of reading
Mass Flow Transducer Range 10 cc/minute - 500 L/minute
Power Requirements 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Others available)
Dimensions 30” H x 19” W x 18.5” D
Weight 100 lbs

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