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Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer

Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer

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Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer is designed to measure the pore diameter, gas permeability and flow rate distribution of nanopore samples. The steam passes through the sample in the sample chamber, increasing the pressure of the steam until the steam is condensed in some pores. Then stop the steam flowing through these pores. The pore size is determined by the pressure of  steam condensed in the pores. The pore distribution is determined by the steam flow rate produced by the small pressure gradient.
Operation Principle
The apparatus is kept at the required temperature, and the steam of the known volume is introduced into the sample chamber until the steam pressure system reaches the equilibrium. The condensed pore diameter is calculated from the final pressure. Add a small amount of steam on one side of the sample in the sample chamber to increase the pressure of that side, about 10%, and monitor the pressure decline by time. Under the maintained stem pressure, the flow rate that the gas without condensed liquid passes through sample pores is calculated according to the time rate of pressure change. The flow rate distribution can be calculated through the repetitively confirmed flow rate under a certain amount of steam pressure.
The capillary condensation porometer not only can measure the pore diameter of nanopore samples in the absence of any toxic materials or extreme pressure and temperature, but also is capable of measuring the gas permeability and flow rate distribution. The instrument is used in many industries for describing the characteristics of porous materials.
Applied industries:
· Biotech & Health care
· Pharmacy
· Filtration
· Food & Beverage
· Environment
 · No worry about the adverse effects of the samples under high pressure and extreme temperature. This technology is easy to assess fragile samples with small pores.
· Full automation, easy operation and less involvement of operators.
· High degree of reproducibility and accuracy
· Low pressure required
· No need of normal liquid nitrogen temperature
· Various samples can be studied
· Toxic materials like mercury are not applicable. No health risk and relevant handling expense
· Unique design and low maintenance fee.
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Pore size range 0.2~0.0005μm
Pressure 15psi
Resolution 1 in 60000
Accuracy 0.15% of reading
Flow rate Low, 10-4 cm3/s
Power supply 110/220VAC,50/60Hz (others applicable)

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