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Thread Friction Coefficient Test Bench

Thread Friction Coefficient Test Bench

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The PC controlled thread friction coefficient tester is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of bolts, screws and double-screw bolt made of carbon steel and alloy steel. This machine is applicable to the following situations: threaded fasteners effective torque, the evaluation test of clamping force and friction coefficient , new design, craft changing, material changing, goods supply identification, products quality inspection and so on. The test software interface uses virtual instrument technology in Windows environment, and it is user-friendly and easy to operate.
GB/T 16823.3-1997 Threaded fasteners-Tightening test method.
QC/T 715-2004  Test method for the friction coefficient of threaded joint used in car.
GB/T 3098.9-2002 Fastener mechanical performance effective torque type steel hexagon lock nut.
 · The full range of torque and full force is not split.
· The test data is stored in the database.
· After the test, the test data can be analyzed, such as automatic scaling, data display on every point.
· Interface uses virtual instrument technology. Test curve is displayed in analog oscilloscope display mode. The interface provides dynamic display  and control of torque, twist angle and test curve.
· The twist angle can be arbitrarily set, and automatically maintain when reaching the set value.
· The tightening force can be arbitrarily set, and automatically maintain when reaching the set value .
· Maximum torque value and minimum torque holding function.
· Generate clamping force - torque diagram and twist angle - torque diagram.
· Enter the bolt diameter to participate in the strength value calculation. Automatically obtain mechanical performance indicators and print out a complete test report. Print data results to facilitate comprehensive analysis of a variety of test data .
 · It can calculate the thread friction coefficient, supporting surface friction coefficient, effective torque.
· The calibration methods of  torque, torsion Angle and force are simple and easy to operate.
· The control system adopts the templating design and the maintenance is convenient.
· It has overload protection and software setting protection.
Control System
The measurement control system adopts bus templating design. Each template achieves formalization and standardization design for functional units; High measurement accuracy, flexible configuration, strong interchangeability, easy to after-sales service.
Servo control adopts digital PID servo control technology, with two closed-loop control modes of displacement and load, which can be undisturbedly switched into each other.
The control system is made up of  a standard computer (including the display and printer), IPC chassis, and the master template, torque amplification, A/D conversion template, template amplification template, load amplification measurement template, D/A conversion template and twist Angle counting templates.
The test machine consists mainly of test bed, slide track, static twist device, T type harness, load device, motion torsion device (100N. m), motor reducer and motion torsion device (500N.m), electrical control cabinet etc.
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