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Wheeelchair Seat Back Cushion Flame Resistance Tester

Wheeelchair Seat Back Cushion Flame Resistance Tester

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Fire hazards exist everywhere in our daily life. In order to reduce fire accidents due to the flammability of wheelchair seat (back) cushion and thus decrease the harm to people’s life and treasure caused by that, the wheelchair seat (back) cushion flame resistance tester draws high attention.
The wheelchair seat (back) cushion flame resistance tester is designed with the adoption of the advanced technology, suitable for determining wheelchair seat (back) cushion materials flame resistance to cigarettes and matches.
Technical Parameters
1. Stainless steel combustion tube size: external diameter (8±0.1)mm, internal diameter(6.5±0.1)mm , length (200±5)mm.
2. Instrument’s parameters are fully in line with the requirements of GB/T 18029-2000 and ISO7176-16:1997. Holder strip is additionally configured to fix small samples. Back frame length and height is(450±2)mm and(300±2)mm. Seat frame width and depth is(450±2)mm and (150±2)mm.
3. Ignition time: 0~99.99s arbitrarily set with an accuracy of ±1s.
4. Progressive smoldering and flame burning time timing:  0~1h with an accuracy  of ±1s.
5. The velocity of gas flow meter at the temperature of 20℃:(45±2)mL/min. The flowmeter is dismountable for calibration. The outlet gas pressure is adjustable.
6. The fuel gas is propane. The gas tank and the gas are prepared by the user.
7. Ignition time, progressive smoldering and flame burning time are automatically recorded, digital display.
8. Gas flow control system: the flow rate of the combustible gas, which flows to the ignition source of the gas flame, and outlet pressure can be adjusted.
9. A gas leak alarm device is inside the instrument
10. Constant temperature water bath has inlet and outlet port connected to external air pipes respectively with coiled copper pipe inside. The temperature can be set and adjusted. The outlet is equipped with temperature calibration device. The length of the hose connecting to the flowmeter and the combustion tube is 2.0 ~ 3 m, internal diameter (7±1)mm
11. Laboratory temperature is balanced to (20 + 2) ℃.
12. The instrument is equipped with a collection tray for burning drops, easy to clean up.
13. The user prepares face mask, eye mask, work clothes and so on.

Lab Overall Scheme
1. Fuel gas ignition source and non-combustible combustion chamber and stainless steel test frame in line with the standard requirements;
2. The inlet exhaust system generates an air velocity of 0.02 ~ 0.2 m/s at the test frame.
3. Ignition time, progressive smoldering and flame burning time are automatically recorded, digital display.
4. Hand-held ignition, the velocity of the fuel gas flowing to the combustible gas flame of the ignition source and outlet gas pressure are adjustable.
5. Equipped with fire-sprinkling system.
6. Constant temperature water bath:
A) heating tube for heating
B) Test chamber is installed with heating device, refrigerating device and circulating water pump, ensuring a constant water bath temperature of  20 ℃, and the control accuracy is ±2℃;
C)PID temperature control regulation. Temperature setting and measurement: digital display.
D) The water tank has a closed circulation device, and the mixing is uniform.
E)  The chamber has water up and down function.
F)  The material of the chamber is stainless steel,  with corrosion resistance and long life. The test area is added with thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation effect. Copper pipe is laid in the water bath chamber.
G) The chamber  is equipped with overload and short circuit protection.
H) Power:  220V 50Hz 

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