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Joint Services Mask Leakage Tester

Joint Services Mask Leakage Tester

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The JSMLT is a portable device designed to test the serviceability and fit of protective masks. The JSMLT will provide leak and serviceability testing of designated Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense (NBCD)/Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense (CBR-D) masks and components without requiring the operator to wear the mask. The JSMLT will provide quantitative fit testing while an individual is wearing his/her assigned protective mask.  The JSMLT can be set up in minutes and is completely self-contained in a rugged JSMLT Case. The JSMLT includes a universal clamping assembly, inflatable mask seal, and clamping adapters which allow it to be used to test multiple types of protective masks. The lightweight plastic headform is available in two sizes and can be quickly interchanged to accommodate a wide span of protective mask sizes. The JSMLT utilizes solid-state electronic circuitry with simple menu-driven touch pad controls and an alphanumeric display.
Tests a variety of protective masks for leakage. Masks may be tested with or without an attached hose. When a failure is detected the JSMLT provides the operator with a probe option to help isolate the location of the leak(s). In the probe mode, aerosol is directed at various areas and parts of the mask to identify which area or component of the mask is leaking. The JSMLT can also test masks equipped with a hose.
Tests for any airflow obstruction via resistance through the mask drink tube. Connecting the mask drink tube to the drink tube test adapter on the JSMLT opens the quick-disconnect valve to allow airflow. The resistance is measured as the airflow is passed through the drink tube.
Tests the airflow leakage through the entire mask drinking assembly. To run this test, the internal drink tube must be plugged with the Quick Release Locking System (QRLS) Pin.
Identifies leakage in the drink tube coupling. Once the mask drink tube is connected to the drink tube test adapter on the JSMLT, airflow leakage from the applied air pressure is measured.
Checks the leakage from the outlet valve on the mask. Air pressure is applied against the outlet valve and the airflow is checked.
Tests a mask for leakage when worn by an individual. While the subject is wearing the test mask, a shroud is placed over the head and on the individual's shoulders. For this test, aerosol is concentrated inside the shroud. The amount of aerosol that breaches the seal of the mask is calculated and displayed as quantitative fit factor, along with a [PASSED] or [FAILED] message.
Tests all functions of the mask and includes the mask leakage test, drink tube flow test, drink train assembly leakage test, drink valve seat test, and outlet valve test, sequentially.
Tests the functionality and fit of the mask and includes the mask leakage test, drink tube flow test, drink train assembly leakage test, drink valve seat test, outlet valve test, and quantitative fit test, sequentially.

The JSMLT consists of four (4) major components and several accessories and adapters. The major components are the control unit, power unit, aerosol generator assembly, and fit test kit.

· Universal Power Supply
· Custom Software
· Leak Isolation
· Visual/Audible Alarms
· Rugged Shippable Case
· Low Maintenance
 · Benefits and Features
· Ease of Use
· Self-Diagnostics
· Portability
· Data Management
· Menu-Driven
· Interchangeable Heads
· Universal Clamping
· Controlled Aerosol vs. Ambient Air
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