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Diffusion Permeameter

Diffusion Permeameter

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· The diffusion permeameter can automatically analyze the diffusion properties and gas permeability of the sample.
· The diffusion permeameter can test samples with very low permeability, though it is difficult to measure with conventional methods.
· The diffusion permeameter is easy to use and does not compromise the permeability of the sample itself and can test a wide variety of samples at a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
 · Based on the windows system, the software automatically controls the instrument, automatically measures and collects data and automatically generates reports; also can manually control the instrument.
· Compatible with Windows 95 and above.
· The test chart, test status and test results are displayed in real time.
· Non-destructive test.
· The whole test takes about 4 to 6 hours.
· Various samples and sizes can be measured.
· Multiple sample chambers can be provided.
· A wide range of gas, temperature and pressure tests.
· Hardly need to maintain.
 The world's factories, from filtration to ceramics to the battery industry, use the diffusion permeameter for R & D and quality control, including films, filters, and battery electrodes.
Applicable industries: battery partitions, ceramics, chemicals, fuel cells, geotextiles, nonwovens, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, textiles, filters / films, paper, castings and rubber industries.
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Permeability range 1 x 10-12 - 1 x 10-6 (以 cc/sec/m/torr for the unit of microflow )
Sample size Diameter 1.75" - 2.5"
Pressure range Depending on the specific sample
Pressurized gas Water vapor, oxygen, or other non-corrosive gases
Pressure sensor range 1.0-1000 Torr
Resolution 1/100000
Accuracy 10-3 Torr
Power 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz ( allow to use other power sources )
Dimension 60" H x 30" W x 28" D
Weight 500lbs

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