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The Porosimeter  is a multi-functional instrument for measuring the bubble points, pore diameter, pore distribution, permeability and envelope area. The Instrument can be used for such as liquid permeability, breakthrough pressure, and integrity test. The test can be conducted under conditions of rising temperature, intensive chemical environment and under high pressure. The sample can withstand the compressive stress or repeated compression. The Porosimeter is applicable in various kinds of sample chambers, mobile sample chambers and chambers for various kinds of sample due to different configurations of the porosimeter. The instrument with proper test mode can conduct test fort high flow samples or low flow samples under rapid quality control mode or more precise researching mode.
Operation Principle
 The wetting liquid fills the pores on the sample. At the same time, non-reactive gases can be applied to replenish the pores where the liquid flows out. Hence, it is possible to accurately measure the pressure and flow rate  through the wet/dry sample, and calculate the characteristics of the pore structure.
 The customized porosimeter can be used in various industries, including filtration, pharmacy, chemistry products, hygiene, daily necessities, power source and paper industry. The multiple Chambers of PMI & multi-mode porometer and environmental control porometer are the two examples of customized stomata.
Applicable industries:
Automobile  Battery separator  Bio-tech
Chemistry     Paper             Filtration
Nonwoven    Geofabric      Pharmacy
Ceramics      Architecture   Textiles
1. Multiple sample rooms for quick detection of sample characteristics.
2. Multi-test mode including QC (quality control) mode and precision mode.
3. Multiple test environments including elevated temperature, compressive stress and chemical environment.
4. Multiple sample chamber configurations.
5. Simple operation based on Microsoft software.
6. Automatic, easy to operate.
7. Minimum operator.
8. The test time is only a few minutes.

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Test pressure Up to 500 psi (up to 2000psi with microflow)
Flow Up to 200SLPM (standard liter per minute) (up to 10000SLPM optional)
Flow accuracy Standard: 0.25 "-2.5" diameter (thickness up to 1.5 "); standard: 5 mm - 60 mm diameter (thickness up to 40 mm) (available for other dimensions)
Pressure and flow resolution 1/60000
Compression stress Up to 1000psi
Maximum detectable pore size 1000μm
Minimum detectable hole size 0.013 mu m (0.004 mu m with microflow)
Sample types Panel, rod, tube, hollow fiber, tape, secretion, high flow sample, almost impermeable sample.
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