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Electrostatic Attenuation Testing machine

Electrostatic Attenuation Testing machine

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This instrument is suitable for testing the electrostatic properties of fibers, yarns, fabrics, carpets, decorative fabrics and other kinds of fabrics or other kinds of sheet products under laboratory conditions.
The apparatus is composed of corona discharge device and probe detector. The instrument USES a given high voltage electric field to discharge the time of the fabric and make the fabric feel static. In this way, the electrostatic charge size, the half-life of the static voltage attenuation and the static residue of static voltage are tested to show the electrostatic properties of the measured fabric.
 ◆ The electric charge of the fabric determines the static voltage after the high voltage discharge. On the other hand, it has to do with this static voltage. The electrostatic half-life of the fabric is an important measure of the electrostatic properties of the fabric.
◆ The instrument consists of two parts: the main engine and the computer detection system, which can be tested by the time method and the constant pressure test.
◆ The instantaneous peak value and half-life value of the high voltage discharge are shown directly by the computer system.
◆ Real-time display of voltage over time.
◆ Automatic shutdown of high voltage, automatic shutdown motor, easy to operate.
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
The measuring range of electrostatic voltage  0 ~ 10kV
The half-life time range  0 ~ 99.99 h
Rotation speed 1500 RPM
Discharge time 0 ~ 99.99 s (test is scheduled (30 + 0.1) seconds)
Discharge distance between needle electrode and specimen 20mm
Measurement distance between test probe and specimen 15mm
The static voltage calibration was performed before the instrument was issued
Check before use. The cylinder must be filled with oil (transformer oil)
Sample size 60mm x 80mm
Power 220V 50Hz 1.5kw

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