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Building Materials Combustion Value Tester

Building Materials Combustion Value Tester

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Building materials combustion calorific value characterization of building materials in the fire risk of important parameters, is the calculation of building materials to release heat and fire load essential basic data. Burning calorific value tester is one of the equipment of the latest version of the national standard GB8624-2012 building materials combustion performance grading test, according to GB14402 standard requirements developed in the constant heat capacity of the oxygen bomb calorimeter in the determination of building materials combustion calorific value.
 GB/T 14402-2007 Determination of combustion calorific value of combustion properties of building materials and articles
ISO1716-2002 Reaction to fire tests for building Products- Determination of the heat of combustion  

 The main equipment includes: calorimeter device, high pressure oxygen bomb, cold water device, computer monitoring and control system (recordable and display curve), LCD screen and software;
Crucible for stainless steel;
Box paint processing; all internal parts are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean;
Ignition wire broken wire can automatically detect and ignite;
The test process automatically turns off;
Test abnormal sound alarm prompt;
Computer control system;
Control box with USB / RS232 serial port, equipped with an external brand desktop computer or notebook operation control; high degree of automation, the test process is safe and reliable, easy to operate.
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Volume heat bomb capacity (300 ± 50) mL
Oxygen bomb pressure range 0.5 ~ 3.5MPa, no leakage
The amount of thermal bomb pressure 21Mpa
Crucible Φ25mm, height (14-19) mm, wall thickness 1mm, stainless steel
Stirring power 3W
Stirring speed inner tube 375r / min
Timer Accuracy of 0.5s
Maximum use of power 0.5KW
Ambient temperature (10 ~ 35)℃, humidity ≤ 80%
Instrument heat capacity About 10000J / K
Heat capacity repeatability error ≤ 0.2%
Temperature range (4.5-50) ℃
Temperature difference detection 0.0001 ℃ resolution, using PT100 sensor
Inner cylinder volume 2000ml, oxygen bomb sealing: oxygen pressure 2.5 ~ 3.5MPa, no leakage
Instrument stirring power 3W, stirring speed: the inner tube (375r / min)
Power supply voltage AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
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